Women Entrepreneurs: Khushbu Dedhia Malde : Hair Castle Salon

Khushbu Dedhia Malde, an LLB with more than 8 years of experience in the salon industry. She has her own venture ‘Hair Castle Salon’.

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1. Is it easy to be an entrepreneur, especially for women? 

It depends on how supportive your family is. My entrepreneurial journey has been quite easy-going thanks to my supportive husband & in-laws. For many others, that might not be the case. Juggling work & home can be really tough for a woman entrepreneur, but if you have a supportive family one can easily soar high & achieve their dreams.

2. How do you keep updated on the latest hair trends?

Me & my husband (the hairdresser) stay updated with the latest trends in cut, colour, treatments & styling worldwide through social media. We also observe the latest trends in magazines and movies and take inspiration from the new styles.

3. Why did you choose this field?

I became an entrepreneur by accident, owing to my husband Hardik, who had been in this salon industry for 6-7 years. I was studying law when my then boyfriend, now husband Hardik, started planning to open a salon. I started helping him with small things like planning, interiors, social media and devising marketing strategies. While working with him, I developed an interest in this business. I was surprised to know I already had many entrepreneurial attributes which a business needs. We opened the salon two months before my final law exams and as soon as my exams got over, I immediately joined him in the company and took over the Operations, Admin and Marketing part of the Hair Castle Salon.

4. Which qualities do you look for when hiring a hairstylist for the salon?

I look for qualities like good ethics because that is something which cannot be taught. Being ethical and kind are qualities that should come naturally to a person. A person with excellent hairdressing skills but low on ethics would be a big no-no for us since we are into the service and hospitality industry. We always look for a kind, warm, and smiling hairdresser.

5. How do you keep up with the work considering one has to be on one’s toes all the time?

It involves a lot of planning. I use a diary to plan my weeks and months to keep up with the work while maintaining my work-life balance. I also maintain a daily to-do list which I tick off every day to ensure work’s done on time and smoothly.

6. What treatment would you recommend if a client came in with damaged hair?

Olapex is hands down the best treatment for damaged hair globally. It’s a bond-strengthening treatment which works on broken hair bonds, rebuilds them and restores hair to its original virgin-like state.

7. What is your key strength?

Creativity! I keep coming up with creative ideas for our salon and customer service like complimentary snack trolley, beverages and free popcorn to keep our salon ahead of the competition. Also, my creativity helps a lot with social media since I can come up with new and fresh content ideas every day for our salon’s Instagram page to keep our followers engaged and entertained.

8. How do you build relationships with your clients?

A ‘simple and warm smile’, “hello, how do you do?” and checking upon clients during their service goes a long way in building relationships with clients. Apart from this, being flexible and making exceptions for them also help us make them feel special, which further helps us build long-lasting relationships with clients.

9. If a client asks you to give you a hairstyle or cut that you know wouldn’t suit them, how would you react?

Our salon including all our hairdressers follow the policy of honest consultation. We don’t push our clients for services and products they don’t want or need. Additionally, if the client wants to go for some service or hair treatment which won’t suit her hair, we will inform her honestly. Coming back to your question, if a client wants to get a cut done which is not going to suit her – we would first tell her honestly that it’s not recommended for her hair type and texture and give options so that she can make an informed decision. In spite of that, if the client insists on the same cut, we go ahead with what she wants – because a client’s choice always comes first. 

10. Any final thoughts to share with other women entrepreneurs?

You are stronger than you think. Don’t let the society influence you; influence society. 

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