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Mind Mosaic develops and designs curriculum for pre-primary and primary students for Mathematics, Science, English and Social Studies.

A curriculum is a set of activities based on specific objectives describing the choice of materials and activities for the overall development of children. A well-developed curriculum is based on the principles of how children learn and develop. It provides the master plan about what to teach and how to teach.

Curriculum Development

We plan and design curriculum for Language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies for Preprimary and Primary grades. The lesson plans are based on the
school examination board [i.e. SSC, ICSE, CBSE etc.] and the medium of instruction. The lesson plans and worksheets are learning-friendly.

The curriculum will focus on the holistic development of the child through Emotional, Physical, Intellectual, Cognitive, Spiritual & Social development activities as a teaching framework.

Teeacher Training

We develop modules and conduct workshops for teachers. These workshops will train the teachers to:

– Develop lesson plans based on objectives and themes

– Design age-appropriate and innovative worksheets

– Plan activities that are suitable to the topics and themes

– Design and prepare creative teaching aids

– Develop skills to improve their teaching practices

After-School Activity Curriculum

Mind Mosaic designs and develops activities for after-school classes. The curriculum focuses on the physical, social, emotional, cognitive and language development of the children.

We also help you plan and conduct holiday camps for students and hobby workshops.

Training and Development

Our training workshops are short intensive courses that are designed to develop practical
life skills and increase your effectiveness and efficiency. All workshops use creative training methods and interactive discussions to make them a memorable experience and will prepare you to approach your work with self-confidence. We will use the participant’s experiences and
work situations for role-playing exercises, activities, group discussions and interactive sessions.

We conduct workshops, activity programmes, training sessions and awareness programmes.