Beyond Goodbyes: A Journey Through Coping with Loss
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Beyond Goodbyes: A Journey Through Coping with Loss

Losing a loved one is an inevitable part of the human experience, and the journey through grief can be challenging. Here are some insights on coping with death: 2. Seek Support: Share your thoughts and emotions with friends, family, or a support group. Surrounding yourself with a supportive network can provide comfort during difficult times….

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Mental health ‘check in’ on your loved one

We always look out for the people we love—parents, partners, children, friends, and siblings. We take care of them when they fall in and take them to the hospital if they get hurt. So why not look out for their mental health as well? Read the blog ahead to know how to do that.  Some…

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Mental Health Checklist for Kids

Have you ever wondered why your child is irritated all the time or avoiding school daily? Did you know that children can also develop the same mental health conditions as adults? Depression, anxiety, immense anger and stress, to name a few. But these issues go easily unnoticed by paediatricians, teachers or even parents. It’s no…

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What exactly happens in a therapy session?

Mental health concerns affect all age groups throughout the world. Many individuals who have never been to a therapist have curiosity and certainly have many questions like; Will he read my mind? What will I say when I go to a therapist? What if someone else comes to know about my problems? Will I have…